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Gear Solutions Magazine

Circulation: 13,000 Monthly
Industry: Gear Manufacturing

Devoted to all those who play a role in gear manufacturing—OEMs, providers of materials such as metals, powder metal, and lubricants, software designers, metrologists and metallurgists, and gear manufacturers themselves—this magazine contains technical articles, company profiles, Q&A features, columns, and product and industry news. Articles and columns are contributed by top experts in the field, representing industry and academia alike, with an emphasis on new technologies, processes, materials, and R&D results. All content published in the print version is posted in its online searchable archives and available as a PDF download, which is open to all visitors to the Gear Solutions Web site.

Wind Systems Magazine

Circulation: 14,000 Monthly
Industry: Wind Energy

In a growing field such as wind energy it’s critical to be aware of advances in technology, materials, equipment, and processes. Each issue is filled with features contributed by global industry experts reporting on the latest innovations in wind farm construction techniques, manufacturing processes for turbine components, weather mapping devices, methods for applying the proper bolting torque, cutting-edge blade materials, and much more. We also produce company profiles and Q&As, with all print content archived and downloadable online.

Venture Magazine

Circulation: 5,000 Quarterly
Industry: Accessible Travel

Focusing on accessible travel for those with physical disabilities, Venture was developed as a consumer publication providing valuable information in a newsstand-worthy package. Working with disability experts from around the country and world to develop pertinent content, Venture was welcomed on its launch by wheelchair users seeking accessible adventures. Features focus on subjects including international travel, accessible resorts and cruise ships, enjoying the outdoors, and air travel.

Thermal Processing

Circulation: 11,000 Bi-annually
Industry: Heat Treating

Thermal Processing focuses on heat-treating technologies for gear manufacturers. Produced by Media Solutions, Inc.—publishers of Gear Solutions and Wind Systems magazines—the launch of Thermal Processing is in direct response to requests by readers for more information on heat-treating gears. Twice annually experts from both industry and academia will share their expertise with you, discussing the latest developments in equipment design as well as the processes so central to the finishing and hardening of gears.


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